Embracing Progress

Customer service and technology often go hand in hand. Technological improvements helped the County get the most out of taxpayer dollars this last year and also delivered services to people who may not have received them otherwise.

The County Library’s 33 branches joined the California Research and Education Network’s fiber network. CalREN features 1-gigabit-per-second circuits, which is 10 times faster than the existing bandwidth at these branches. The fiber network links 12,000 research and education organizations within California to tens of thousands of research and education institutions around the globe. Any library card member can use the system, evening out the playing field for those who only have access to the internet at the library.


The Borrego Springs and Imperial Beach branches unveiled self-serve laptop kiosks. These easy access kiosks allow customers to check out a public laptop for the whole day while at the library, rather than the limited time allowed on the branch’s public desktop computers.


MakerBot 3D printers were added to every library branch, introducing customers to this technology and allowing them to hone their creative thinking and technological literacy skills for only the cost of materials for the final product.

"Great service, very patient. I have a kid with special needs and she offered colors [crayons]. Very kind!"

Customer – Clerk of the Board

Eat out occasionally? Restaurant goers can now use a new website application, SDFoodInfo.org, to easily search for food safety information, file complaints or even call a restaurant for a reservation.


The Tell Us Now! app is now available in Spanish. The app allows residents to report various nonemergency problems like potholes, graffiti, air pollution, price scanner overcharges and now mosquito-related issues through their phones.


First 5 San Diego launched an app of the same name in February 2019 that allows parents and caregivers to track their child’s daily development with food, active play and more, through interactive resources available at their fingertips.

Check out the County's App Store for more mobile applications.

At Child Support Services, customers can text instead of call staff. In return, staff can send links to forms and resources directly back to customers via text message.


And in the Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk’s office, people can now make their marriage appointments online. Since launching in fall 2018, 79.4% of all appointments, for 9,173 couples, have been made online.

“This was one of the best government experiences we have had. Everyone helpful and process was relatively fast.”

Customer - Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk, Chula Vista

The County conducted a pilot program to use Unmanned Aerial Systems, known commonly as drones, to monitor public infrastructure such as rooftops, remote facilities, storm water conveyances, towers and remote preserve areas. A UAS can track and map issues related to invasive species and resource management. A UAS can also provide more efficient agricultural inspections and quicker damage assessments after local disasters for areas up to 600 acres. The pilot’s success led to a new UAS program that started operating in July.

“We came in to resolve a lien on property. It turned out to be an invalid lien. Laura Sandoval and Patricia Washington were very extremely helpful getting this resolved. Thank you so much."

Customer – Treasurer/Tax Collector




Library items circulated


applicants were hired

into the County


individuals applied for
County jobs


employees participated in

Diversity and Inclusion trainings


restaurant, public pool, public housing, body art and massage facility inspections



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