Strategic Initiatives

Strategic planning communicates the County’s strategic direction for the next five years. The Strategic Plan explains the County’s four Strategic Initiatives, in addition to its vision, mission and values. The four Strategic Initiatives focus on how we achieve the County’s vision of a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely and Thriving.

Building Better Health

Ensure every resident has the opportunity to make positive healthy choices, that San Diego County has fully optimized its health and social service delivery system and makes health, safety and thriving a focus of all policies and programs.

Sustainable Environments/

Strengthen the local economy through planning, development and infrastructure, protect San Diego’s natural and agricultural resources and promote opportunities for residents to engage in community life and civic activities.

Living Safely

Operational Excellence

Make San Diego the safest and most resilient community in the nation, where youth are protected and the criminal justice system is balanced between accountability and rehabilitation.

Promote continuous improvement in the organization through problem-solving, teamwork and leadership with a focus on customers’ needs and keeping employees positive and empowered.

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