Focused goals, checks and balances, and a commitment to financial discipline – these are the essence of the County of San Diego’s operations. That strong foundation allows us to provide the core services that residents need and also invest in our communities and infrastructure to meet future demands.


The County is committed to investing in San Diego, and it all starts with a balanced budget and operational plan. In Fiscal Year 2017-18, the budget will increase 8.0 percent from the previous year to $5.79 billion. Each of the County’s business groups will see budget increases to help pay for community programs and services. Among them are expanded restorative justice programs; better wildfire preparedness; aging programs for seniors; support for residents who are mentally ill; and key public infrastructure like libraries, Sheriff’s facilities, paved roads and parks. The County will increase the number of staff positions by 0.1 percent next year to 17,413 full-time equivalent positions.


The County of San Diego is proud to continue to be one of four U.S. counties with populations over 2 million, and one of two California counties, with AAA credit ratings from all three major rating agencies. Since 2007, the County paid $832.7 million in cash toward its capital program instead of borrowing, avoiding over $1.2 billion in financing costs. Finally, the County continues to plan for rising pension costs and in Fiscal Year 2017-18 began to use funds saved in prior years to pay down pension obligation bond debt in future years.


Despite the County’s strong foundation, risks such as changes in State funding for programs like In-Home Supportive Services and unknown changes to the Affordable Care Act could have sweeping fiscal impacts to the County of San Diego. With endurance in mind, the County’s budget and operations have the organization positioned to continue to invest in San Diego with long-term fiscal sustainability.


County of San Diego Revenue and Resources

Fiscal Year 2017-18 Total Adopted Budget $5.79 billion

Total Appropriations by Group

Fiscal Year 2017-18 Total Adopted Budget $5.79 billion



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